Monday, August 24, 2009

The Pillowcase

My sewing class yesterday was so fun. I ended up being the only student, so I got one-on-one attention and got to ask a lot of questions. I'm so surprised at everything I remember from my sewing days MANY years ago.

I pulled my sewing machine up from the basement and I'm going to make a few more pillowcases to practice.

Here is my what I made. Isn't it cute?


I bought some more fabric (remnants/clearance) and I'm going to practice this week making a few more pillowcases. On Sunday I have my next class and we are making a tote bag. I'll share that too.


  1. That is adorable! I dig the floral fabric.

    Aren't remnants great? So many things you can do with them and so very inexpensive. I tend to also buy a lot of fat quarters for different small projects.

  2. That is great..and the only student?? how great is that.