Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Flower

When my son was born in September we began the transformation of my daugher's room to a "big girl room". We put our guest room bed in her room, bought her new bedding, and that was about it. Over the past few months we have bought a bookshelf, rug, some artwook, and I've made some things for her walls. Here is the (almost) finished room. I still need to get her a new white table and a new alphabet for her wall.

This is her dresser from her nursery set. I bought the pink curtains from Target. It is a tradition for use to buy her a snowglobe when we go to a new place, so now those are all displayed on her dresser.

I found these pictures on Etsy from the shop design roots. They were $10 each and I bought
inexpensive white frames from Target to hang them on the wall.


I made this for her hairbows. I bought all the pieces from Michael's and painted them using pink and
yellow paint. I already had the pink ribbon from another project years ago, so I cut them to size and
hotglued them to the back.


I had this in the basement. It is a depression class jar that I bought years ago on Ebay. It is the perfect
size for her elastics.


For her bed, I wanted a quilt. Even though we live in Michigan and it gets very cold in he winter, her bedroom
is very small, so with one vent in her room, it gets quite warm in there. When I saw this bedding I fell in love
with it. It is Happy Flower from Target. I loved the bold colors and the price was right. We don't have a
headboard, and I'm not sure I want one at this point.

The wall flowers are the vinyl appliques that they have on sale in the bedding isle. Her name letters were bought
at Babies R Us before she was born.


We also got this dollhouse bookshelf from my favorite, Target. I waited for a whle for it to go on sale before
I bought it. It's the perfect height for her and fits all her books. You can see a little of the rug in this picture,
it's also from Target.


The wall with her closet is her "art center". The table we have in there now is an old side table from the living
room. I have my eye on one from Ikea, but I haven't made it to the store yet to check it out. The chair was a
curb find, and I love it. It reminds me of an old schoolhouse chair. I bought the cork board from, you guessed
it, Target. I sanded it down and painted it using the same paint from the hairbow holder. I also need to get a
new alphabet. This one was a freebie from my teacher days.


And the last thing left from her nursery is this lightswitch cover. My husband wants to get a new one, but I just
can't part with it.


Overall, I love the room. It was done on a budget and most things were bought on sale at Target. It feeds her
vibrant personality well.


  1. cute room! i'm excited for the day i will change olivia's to a big girl room! i've already been thinking about it and i want to get her a twin size platform bed. haha...i'm a little ahead of myself :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair by the way.

  2. The room looks very cute, you did a great job :)

  3. Thanks Rachel! I love it too. I started planning her room just after she turned one. LOL I do miss her nursery though....

    Thank you! I love it!