Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going Dutch

Last week as I sat and watched my son steal my daughter's crayons off her art table in her room and color on the floor I starting thinking that there had to be a way to keep him out of her room. Right now we are desperate so I pulled out the old safery gate from the basement and put it up on her door. This of course made her very happy, but it did not make my son happy one bit. In fact, he was very vocal about his feelings!

I just sat there thinking, there has to be a better way. A few days later my daughter politely asked me to "trap me in". She wanted the gate because guess what, little brother was at it again!

Then a thought popped in my head, a dutch door! I vaguely remember my great Aunt Ester having a dutch door at her farm house, but it was an outside door. I found this door at Country Home, which I love, but it is also an outside door.


They have a tutorial here if you are handy enough to make your own, we are not.

I googled some more and found some beautiful doors at Dutch Door Store, but once again, they were outside doors. I finally found the Jeld-Wen site and they do in fact make interior dutch doors.

I, of course, want two. One for my sons door and one for my daughters. I just need to convince my husband that this idea is genius. Somehow I don't think he'll be as excited about it as I am...

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