Thursday, December 10, 2009


It was really windy yesterday. Really windy. As I was sitting on the couch during nap time (don't you love nap time?) the door blew open. Yes, that's right. Our door (not the screen door) blew open! I'm sure I looked like Blake (above) when it happened.

For a split second I expected someone to jump out and get me, then I saw there was no one there. My heart really did skip a beat!

Then we went out to eat for dinner and Blake made me laugh because it was so windy that he was squinting his eyes and turning his head and it was just so cute.

Then Ava made me so proud because when the waitress asked if we were ready to order or drinks, she pointed at the menu and said, "I'd like the red drink please."
When she came back to get our order Ava said "I'd like the chicken nuggets, please." She is growing up so fast. I'm so proud.

Then during dinner my husband helped talk me though a troubling relationship I have right now. He really put things into perspective for me, and for that I felt lucky.

So, let me recap:

Scared, Entertained, Proud, Lucky.

It was a good day.

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