Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Feet

What kind of ornaments do you hang on your tree? Is it a tree that is perfectly styled with matching ornaments, is it a live tree that is sparsely decorated to show off the beautifulness that is a live tree, or is it a sentimental tree with homemade ornaments that you have bought throughout the years?

I always thought I wanted a designer tree. One that looked perfect and was perfectly matching. Then I had the opportunity to put up my own tree and I went with the homemade tree. I just love pulling out the ornaments each year and thinking about where I bought them, or who made them for me.

My favorite ornaments on my tree are my babies baby feet ornaments.

Ava was 7.5 months old on her first Christmas. This is her 7.5 month old foot.
Blake was 3.5 months old on his first Christmas, and this is his 3.5 month old foot.

Looking at them just makes me smile. Maybe I should leave them out year round.


  1. My tree is also a hodge podge. Most ornaments are hand made and every ornament holds a memory. I love that. LOVE it. It's what Christmas is all about to me. Memories, family, and goodies.

  2. They would be darling left out year round. So many options, next to a family picture, next to a picture of them, in the entry way, in the nook of a hallway, in their bedrooms, etc. I vote yes year round but it is also a lovely idea for tree ornaments!