Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Own Tent!

Since we aren't going to Illinois for Christmas, my sister sent her gifts up for the kids. I thought they were wrapped, so I opened the box right in front of them. Guess what? They weren't wrapped!

So, the kids got their gift early. Thanks Ang!

Blake got this cool towel/dress-up/swim cover-up Tigger. He loves it, especially since his sister has a lot of cool dress-up that she won't share.

Ava's gift was a Princess sleeping bag, she was so excited! I pulled out her tent, and this is how she is taking her naps now.

I asked her if she wanted to sleep at night in her tent, and she wasn't in to it. Anyway, thanks again


  1. Oh that cracks me up because this year was the first year that I actually wrapped gifts before packaging up to mail because for some reason I've always thought that the packaging counted as wrapping but then you just gave the perfect example of why that doesn't count!!!

  2. I guess if you give warning that they aren't wrapped it would be okay. But, yes, as a general rule with kids, always wrap. :)