Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve 2008

This year we spent New Years Eve with 5 other families at a friends house. It was a lot of fun that included a great meal, great kids (running around like crazy), and lots of fun with the Wii.

I wore this Liz Claiborne sweater that I received as a gift for Christmas. It is very out of character for me, because I hardly ever wear stripes.

The jeans are Old Navy Sweetheart (Short) jeans. I loved them the first time I wore them, but they seem to stretch out with each wear and never really regain their shape.

The boots are my stand-by black book from Nine West. They are low heel, and always seem to be what I choose.
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  1. You sound a bit indifferent about the outfit. Do you like the sweater? If you do, what about with a red denim/canvas knee length skirt & the red shoes already on your to-buy list? Or is that a bit too 'sporty' rather than classic & feminine? Thinking of the words, which words does the sweater represent to you?

  2. Thanks Mel. I thought the sweater said creative and relaxed. I thought about pairing it with the red shoes, which I'm leaning toward a flat shoe.
    I like the sweater, it's just different. Takes a bit of getting used to after always wearing solids.

  3. I thought those words too actually. the brighter colours up near your face might help draw the eye up and add height?
    I know what you mean about trying to wear a new style - it feels foreign for a bit.

  4. Thanks for connecting your blog to Modern Girl Style! Keep being fabulous in 2009!!