Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I was reading the forums on You Look Fab last night and noticed a lot of outfits that had knee high boots. I have wanted a pair for a while now, but I'm not sure that I can pull them off.

Can shorter women wear such tall boots? It's hard to tell from online photos exactly how tall someone is in real life, so I'm never sure. Each time I have wanted to try a pair on, I have had my daughter with me and she has no patience for such things.

I found two pair online that I like. The first pair are the Zigi Soho Cambridge Leather Boot from DSW. I like that they are simple and could be worn for many season. The second pair are the Hymana from Aldo. I love love love the buckles on these!

So, what the verdict, good for short (5'3") women or not?


  1. Awesome for short women! I'm 5'2 on a good day (working on the posture)and I love my boots. They lengthen my legs nicely. Heel height doesn't matter too much. The highest I've gone is 3" and that was pushing it!

    I also have a couple of pairs of flat boots to wear with a couple of above the knee skirts. Additionally, you can wear them under your jeans/trousers or even tuck your jeans into them (that took me forever to work up to, but now I'm really liking the look of it).

    I say go for it! If you still aren't sure then get an inexpensive pair from Target and see how you like them!

  2. Absolutely you can wear tall boots - in fact they make you look taller as they visually elongate your legs by making them appear to start from your toes, rather than your ankle or somewhere further up your feet!

    My advice is to go out and try on - the calf width is so important - needs to be snug, not like gumboots (wellington/rain boots) or too tight and uncomfortable.

  3. I got some boots! I fell in love with the ones I bought and another pair. I'm still thinking about those though...I'll explain in my future post.

    Thanks for the great advice. It really helped today!