Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grand Haven, Day 5

This day was much like the other days.  We started at the beach,  I forgot my camera this day, but it was more of the same fun. Sandcastles, water, and lots of sun!

After the beach it was lunch, naps, and showers. We were falling into a routine, a routine that I could get used to very quickly.

After a dinner of grilled steak, corn, and potatoes we headed out for our nightly walk.

 Feeling the air off the water was wonderful and I could REALLY get used to taking this walk every night all summer long.
 Aren't these houses adorable?  I want one...who's buying?

We decided to head on down to Temptations once again for a cone, at this point I think it is safe to say we are addicted to their ice cream.

After our walk the kids settled in with some milk and a snack and Rob and I settled in with some drinks and some snacks.  Another wonderful relaxing day in Grand Haven!

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