Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Halloween

Halloween this year wasn't all I had planned. We were out of town until the 25th and I had big plans of baking/crafting/sewing when we got home. Well, we were bit by the flu bug so all of those things went down the drain.

Thankfully I already had the costumes ready to go. A. told me weeks ago that she wanted to be Minnie Mouse, the PINK Minnie Mouse. So in looking around the web the only cute outfits I could find in her size was the RED Minnie Mouse. So, to Ebay I went. I was able to find this cute costume.
Blake dressed up in Ava's old costume, Eeyore. We love this costume and since Blake doesn't care what he dresses up as this year we went for it!

I even got in the action. Ava asked me to dress up so I pulled these items from my closet and transformed myself into a witch. We had a good time walking the neighborhood getting yummy goodies.
After we had collected all of our candy it was time to pass it out ourselves. Ava had a great time passing out candy and was sad when we ran out.

Hope you had a great one!

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