Friday, April 17, 2009

Taking a step back in time...

(Baby B. is in the back seat)

Greenfield Village is open! I cannot tell you how excited I am for it to open its gates.  A lot of people do not understand my love of the Village.  It is a little getaway from the real world.   A collection of houses, stores, rides, and people that take you back about 100 years.  

If we were asked to live in the village for a summer, I think I would say yes.  The hardest part would probably be the no air conditioning on top of the fact that you have to cook on a wood stove for most of the day.  It would be an interesting experience.  

I took both kids to the Village today for our first visit of the season.  We rode the 100 year old Carroussel, a steam engine train, had a picnic, and enjoyed walking outside on a beautiful day.  Our plan to is to go back to the village tomorrow, all four of us. Since R. will be with us I'm sure we'll add frozen custard to that list and a ride in a Model-T.

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