Thursday, April 9, 2009


I've decided that I need to come back to this blog. I've been feeling a lot better now that the sun is actually shining a few days a week here in Michigan.  I've been shopping and bought a few things, I'll update that in a new post.

I've also started a working out which I think has helped a lot. I've been doing Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred and it was very hard, but I got some quick results.  I'm currently looking for another DVD to try.  While I didn't lose 20 lbs as promised (I didn't really follow her diet plan though) I did lose inches and have been able to get into some clothes I haven't worn since before my daughter was born.  I'm still holding onto some weight which I think my body just won't let go of due to breastfeeding.

I'm also redesigning the way my family eats.  I've been reading books on organics and also about blue zones.  So, our first goal is to add in more organic foods and products, which we have been doing for a while now.  Our second goal is to cut down on eating meat.  We are going to try to eat meat only once a day and have one meatless day a week.  Wish us luck on this.

So, this blog is going to be changing a little.  I;m going to open it up to more areas than just fashion as we are redesigning many things around here these days.

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