Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Handbag

I haven't bought a new handbag in over a 2 years. 4 years ago I bought a Coach purse in Las Vegas while my husband was gamblings. I had won big at the MGM Grand and I used my winnings to buy a classic black handbag.
2 summer ago I bought another Coach purse in green with brown accents. It has a great shape, and I love the bright green color.
Yesterday when I was looking at skirts on Anthropologie's website I came across this bag. I love it! I love to carry bright bags during the Spring/Summer. It looks big enough for a diaper and some wipes and maybe even a bib and onesie. All the things you need when you travel with small children.
The only thing I don't like about it is the price. I'm not sure it would be classic enough to get me through a few years.
I noticed while I was shopping at Target that they had many new handbags in this same shape. I might pick one up for the summer.
What do you choose when looking for a handbag? A classic that will stay with you for many years or a cheaper one that is for one season only?


  1. I own few handbags, very classic. In fact for the last 10 years or so I've only had one at a time. I just recently bought a second handbag, I lashed out on a bright orange one. I need to do some working out of outfits to wear it with. (And yep, having enough room for nappy & wipes was a criteria.)

  2. I tend to stick with the pricier, well made classics. I end up using them forever because I wouldn't spend a lot of money on something unless I loved it. Where if I buy a cheapy, trendy bag I tend not to think as much about the purchase and I end up not liking it a month later.

  3. I go for middle of the road. My favorite brand is Tignanello (pretty sure that is how it is spelled) which I found on

    Surprisingly I don't have any Target bags, but I really like the spring/summer ones they have right now. I consider a warm weather bag somewhat disposable. If it lasts more than one summer, great! But not expected.

  4. The bag you posted is so pretty - personally I feel if a bag is 'me' that makes it a classic! :) I definitely prefer to save up and buy fewer, but more special handbags.

  5. I look for a bag that fits all my stuff in and doesn't fall off my shoulder and is comfortable to wear (you need to try it out, so many bags are badly designed and hard to carry.

    Also a bag that's not heavy in itself before you've even put anything in.