Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going Back to an old Favorite

In my old life as a school teacher and wife I used to wear skirts all the time. I loved them. I would wear skirts in all seasons, long and short. Running late, throw on a skirt. Parent-Teacher Conferences, skirt and a blazer. First day over 50 degress, bring out the Spring skirts!

Once I became a Mom and spent most of my time sitting on the floor, climbing on the play equipment on the playground, or crawling through tunnels at the local play area I ditched the skirts. As anyone who has had a child knows, your body changes after having children as well, so many of them didn't fit the same way either.

I've decided that this spring/summer I'm going back to my old favorite. I feel comfortable in a skirt. I feel more "put together" when I have one on, if that makes sense.

I know I'll have to choose my days, but I vow to own more skirts this spring/summer. I found the above skirts at Anthropologie.


  1. Andrea:

    Thanks for the great skirts. I'm a skirt fan big time, but lately all the skirts have been low rise. This makes no sense whatever - no one is thinner in their low belly than in their actual waist! Plus, those low-rise skirts twist around all day. These look like just the thing!

    P.S. You can so make the cowl, I promise you.

  2. I love skirts - they're such a great wardrobe staple

  3. Trish, I have found the same thing with the skirts! I'm glad I wasn't going crazy when I was trying them on last year. :)

    Imogen, I agree. I really need to get on the ball and start looking for some.

  4. I lived in skirts for a very long time. I wore a long flowy linen one most of the summer. With a tank top I was good to go for swim lessons, playground and general kid mayhem.

    For some reason I stopped wearing them but now I'm planning to make a bunch and ditch the jeans. For a good, no low waist skirt may I recommend the Merona brand at Target? They do a pretty good job.

  5. Kristen, how did I know you would recommend Target. ;)

    I'll check them out. I loved teaching in long skirts, so comfy!

  6. This year I am determined to make my own skirts - but yes, you know my love for Tar-jay.