Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sew Darn Cute

I'm back. I promise for real this time. I've really missed blogging and have no really good excuse except poor time management. What else is new, right?

Anyway, last time I was at JoAnn Fabric I picked up the book Sew Darn Cute. I didn't really have time to look at it in the store because Blake was screaming his lungs out and I thought we were going to get kicked out of the place. So, I grabbed it and ran to the check-out counter.

I was very lucky because it has 30 great projects that a beginner like me can sew. The first project I made were these.

Aren't they cute? They are super, super simple. All you need is a letter template, Heat'n'Bond Lite, and some fabric.

I also made some cute onesies for a friend that just had a baby girl last Wednesday. I'm so excited to give them to her tomorrow.

Other than that, it's the same old, same old around here.

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