Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Next time on...


I've watched Survivor since season one. I've only skipped one season and I'm not even sure why I skipped it.

I have a plan, a strategy if you will, to win it all. I'm totally type a, bossy, cranky when I don't eat, and dry heave at the thought of eating gross things. BUT, I am (somewhat) athletic and good at making and keeping relationships.

I also get very determined when someone says I *can't* do something and my husband feels I could not last out there in the wild (and so does my Mom!). So, I would have to prove them wrong.

I think the absolute worst part of the entire process would be being away from my kids and my husband. I would miss a lot in those 40ish days (I'm winning remember?)!

I always talk about sending in a video and have never done it. I'm thinking I really should this time. Any ideas?

Would you ever do Survivor?


  1. i would NEVER do it.
    i could never go without my coffee!
    or peanut butter. or chocolate. or iced
    tea. or chick-fil-a. haha...

    but i say go for it! it'd be fun to see a family
    member on there!

  2. Yes, going without coffee, chocolate, sweet tea, Dr. Pepper would all be horrible! Imagine the caffeine headache!!

    Oh well, I still want to do it! LOL

    PS. I haven't had Chick-fil-a in about 10 years...