Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pink Please.

When we went grocery shopping this week we made a stop in an aisle I usually avoid, the cake aisle.  I don't go down there unless I need some baking goods because I can't avoid buying brownies, or cakes, or breads...

This week was different though, we needed 2 birthday cake mixes.  One for her actual birthday and one for her "friend" party.  For her friend party I knew we needed a white icing because I bought a cake topper that has a white background.  For her actual birthday cupcakes I let her choose.  

She stood in the aisle a long time looking over all the cakes.  Would she choose, yellow, brown, white, or pink?  After much consideration she choose pink with pink icing.  So, strawberry cake with strawberry icing it was!

I could resist buying the little Tinkerbell toppers as well as Tinkerbell cupcake holders.

We made them tonight.  She helped pour in the ingredients, helped me hold the mixer, and even put the cupcake holders in the pan. 

Of course we had to taste test them tonight.  I must admit, they are very good, nice and moist.

Tomorrow will be a trip to the Greenfield Village (weather permitting), presents, cake, and Red Robin for a birthday dinner.

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