Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coloring or Dyeing?

Which do you do? Do you color eggs or dye eggs? Rob and I both say "coloring" but Ava says "dyeing". I guess that is what her teachers say at preschool. Either way, we did just that on Sunday.

Blake was super excited since last year he had no clue what was even happening.  We each choose our colors.  Ava, pink.  Blake, green.  Rob, orange. Andrea, purple.  Thomas, aka Moosie, yellow.  Ty, Blue.

Ava is so grown up now that she could drop her egg in by herself, but Blake required a little help.

When we finished, we did the fancy glitter. I don't recommend it. It's messy and your eggs loose some of their color.

The kids were not happy that we were done.

But, it wasn't anything that a carrot shaped sugar cookie couldn't fix.

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